Kanalda is 12 Kilometers north Jalgaon, Maharashtra in India. The village has its own significance and history. In ancient days it is known as Maharshi Kanva Ashram. There is a reference to this place in our ancient books namely Ram Charitra Manas and Mahabharata. In the epic Mahabharata written by Maharshi Veda-Vyasa, in the first Khand, adhyay-70, page 204 & 205. In ancient time this place was known for its cultural and spiritual life. The Maharshi and the students of this place were filled with sattivc sanakars. Maharshis used to recite Sam-Veda mantras here and also used to perform vedic-yagnas in brahmamuhurat. The singing of the Sanskrit slokas and the vedic recitals made this place look like a second Brahma-Lok. Yagnas, japas, sattivc, vratta, anusthan, tapa and spiritual discourses were the daily routines of this ancient ashram.
This very place formally known as Maharshi Kanva Ashram on the banks of Malini river is known today as KANALDA village. May be with the passage of time the name Kanva has changed to Kanalda, The river Malini is known today by the name Girja. In their day-to-day conversation people address it as GIRNA river.